welcome to 'a white space' Lagos

This is just to show you what's happening at 'a white space'


Zebra Living: The Dikko Chronicles at 'a white space'....

On the 24th and 25th of November Zebra living unveiled the Dikko Chronicles at 'a white space'. I (white space PR girl) randomly walked in and saw many nicely draped colourful dresses. Ah it was 'Nabilla' by Zebra living on SALE!! Whatt!! Trust that I picked out the most AMAZING dress there :D.

Enough about me and my dress, have a look at the pictures from the Dikko Chronicles by Zebra Living. Refer to the previous post for more details about 'The Dikko Chronicles' Enjoy :-).


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  2. That’s just fabulous! Everything looks superb. One of my friends also opened her boutique and now she will be celebrating with us by throwing a grand dinner party at one of popular event space Chicago. We are eagerly waiting for her bash.