welcome to 'a white space' Lagos

This is just to show you what's happening at 'a white space'


YAP&E- Networking & Exhibition Event Pictures

Here are some images of some of the stalls from the event that took place a few sundays ago. The cup cakes were delicious.....


YAP&E- Networking & Exhibition Event

This Sunday - Yap&E will be having a networking event at A Whites Space, Raymond Njoku.

Should be lots of interesting young businesses and entrepreneurs on display.


A White Space - Website Launch

So the demo version of the 'white space' website officially went online today. Please check us out at Your feed back is most welcome.

White Space - 01

Located at 58 Raymond Njoku - this is the first 'pop up' white space fr lease.


20.06.10 - YAP&E- Networking & Exhibition Event

YAP&E at 'a white space'

YAP&E organizes events that provide a social framework for individuals and small to medium-sized businesses in Nigeria to expand their network of contacts.

Date: Sunday, 20 June 2010
Time: 12:00 - 18:00
Location: A White Space
Street: 58 Raymond Njoku, SW Ikoyi, Lagos