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Architectural Identities - 11 - 18th February 2011

Architectural Identities: An Exhibition

Architectural Identities: An Exhibition - Opening Night Friday 11th February 2011 at 7.30 pm

Why care about an exhibition on Nigerian architecture and design, when there is the excitement and glamour of fashion shows, live music performances, photography and art displays? Because design is at the foundation of everything! Everything must be designed, even the very spaces in which we live.

Every element of a city – its public spaces, parks, buildings and streetscapes – needs design. Yet some argue that post-1970, one of the problems in Lagos is that it lacks a coherent and authentic aesthetic, much less functionality. The house you live in and the building in which you work may (hopefully!) stand straight, but do they inspire you? The streets on which you drive may (eventually!) lead you to your destination, but what do they illuminate along the way about the possibilities of our city? And where is the green in Lagos? Do we have real open and public spaces? Is Nigerian traditional architecture completely dead or can it be adapted and worked into a 21st-century city?

Architectural Identities: An Exhibition seeks to answer some of these questions and prompt you to ask more. It showcases the work of a young crop of architects and designers who are looking to redefine the design landscape in Nigeria, with intelligence and boldness.

Exhibition runs from Friday 11 - 18th February 2011

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